Why Bamyan province brings out the best of Afghanistan

The Bamyan region in central Afghanistan might be best known outside the country for a horrific crime perpetrated against cultural heritage, but 17 years on there are few parts of Afghanistan doing more to preserve culture. In 2001, the Taliban infamously blew up a giant carved Buddha in Bamyan, a region defined by its diverse... Continue Reading →

On a Somber Wednesday, Dreams Perished before My Eyes

It started out as a normal day: I woke up at 4am, hit the gym, showered, made myself breakfast and left for the office. On that hot afternoon, I was at my desk working. My colleague was peacefully reading a report I had given her. Work was going well. Everything was fine.  I took some... Continue Reading →

Pakistan Chief Justice’s notice produces some hope for Hazara protections

April was a particularly grim month for the besieged ethnic Hazara community in the Pakistani city of Quetta. It began with the targeted killing of Nazar Hussein, a taxi driver in the city. At the end of the month, two Hazara men were shot dead in their electronics shop in another attack based on sectarian logic. In total, the community... Continue Reading →

Education Against the Odds: How a Student and Mother from Afghanistan’s Central Highlands Stole Social Media’s Heart

The image was one that spoke of love and determination. In mid-March, a student sheathed in a blue scarf took an exam on the floor of an outdoor classroom in provincial Afghanistan with a baby lying across her lap. Yahya Erfan, a professor at the university where the exam was taking place, took a photo... Continue Reading →

Journalists Face the Sharp End of Growing Violence and Insecurity in Afghanistan

Earlier this month, a suicide bomber struck a banquet hall in Kabul shortly after a political gathering ended. Among the 19 victims, eleven of whom were civilians, was Husain Nazari, a cameraman for the Rah-e-Farda TV channel. Taqi Sadeed, a reporter and colleague of Husain Nazari, was also injured in the November 16 blast. Such suicide attacks have become... Continue Reading →

Female-run Restaurant Bends Back Social Barriers in Pakistan’s Quetta

Restaurants aren’t a rare sight in Hazara town, a middle-income neighborhood in the western Pakistani city of Quetta, but there’s one that has caught the attention of many. Subtle in its splendor, the eatery's interior features traditional Hazaragi decorations and a poster of a giant Buddha. More unusual, however, is the fact that the restaurant... Continue Reading →

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